About Me

I live in Jalisco, Mexico. I came here a few years ago to study game development since my other passion (Music) didn’t seem viable, specially in terms of money.

Now that i’m done with college i decided to give music another try, that’s why i made this website and i will writte articles explaining everything about all the instruments i will find.

I began learning music since i can remember, we have the usual music class in school where they teach you the recorder, the tambourine, maracas, etc. You could also learn drums and trumpet to play on the marching band.

At that time i decided to buy a guitar since my guitar hero skills were going out of control :). After 3 years i pick an electric guitar and after another 2 years i bought a couple of harmonicas.

Man did i almost got into a band, it would have been cool if it weren’t for the fact that the bass player and the singer were dating… and then they broke up.

During college my focus change from playing the instrument to trying to explain to a composser what kind of songs are needed for a videogame. Nobody has listen to more game music than me, so i always end up on the sound desing and music department.

Now i want to get good at music in general, and help people learn in the process, so me and my team of musicians and researchers will try to answer as many questions of instruments, to learn and teach while we are at it.