The best Acoustic Bass Guitar for you

If you first need some explanations of the instrument and its variants we suggest skipping to the “Basics and other questions” section in this article.

Best Acoustic Bass Guitars

For a beginner

We suggest a 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar since it is the most common variant.

For kids

A Mini, like the Cordoba Mini-II because of its smaller size, also for them a Ukulele Guitar Toy is a good option for a gift because it can be played like a ukulele or a bass by changing the strings without spending a big amount. 

For Professionals

Famous players like Michael Manring had a Larrivee 5-string fretless acoustic bass guitar so if you’re going professional, you don’t have any excuse with one of those.

If you’re worried about specific models and series check this article.

Best for the price

VariantLowest priceHighest price
4-strings$150 USD$1,900 USD
5-strings$200 USD$2,050 USD
6-strings$1,500 USD$2,400 USD

For reference, the cheapest model was a Harley Benton HBO-85- Bass Natural and the most expensive was a Warwick Alien 6 NT.

The best under X dollars

In our opinion, the best benefit for the cost comes at $300 USD with a 5 strings bass guitar with good durable material and a couple of accessories, you can also get 4 strings and get extras like a case or custom colors.

You can also check on eBay here.

Getting it another way

So far we have talked only about the physical instruments, but there are more options than that.

You can get an app for android called “Acoustic Bass Guitar”. 

Although this will teach you how to play bass guitar for free and never get to worry about the hardware worn out or breaking it when you play the instrument for real, it might give you a hard time adjusting to its frets.

You can also replicate the sound  using a synthesizer or plugin/vst for your music production software, for example:

Basics and other questions

It is a Chicago instrument designed in the mid-1950s by Kay of Chicago.

Also named

You may hear about it with other names like Acoustic Bass or initialized ABG.2 Pronounced / əˈko͞ostik / bās / ɡəˈtär, Acoustic from the Greek, French, and Latin, meaning “low sounding guitar”. Called “El bajo acústico” in spanish, “guitare basse acoustique” in french and “El bajo acústico” in portuguese. A person that plays it it’s called a Bass Player.3 


The String family meaning it makes sound vibrating strings and the subcategory  

plucked meaning it makes sound by plucking(moving, flicking) the strings.


The types are determined by the number of strings4:

  • 4-Strings: Beginner friendly, most common, and easier to play than the 5 and 6 counterparts.
  • 5-String: The biggest advantage of the five-string bass is its extended lower range. From the fretted low-E all the way down to the chest-imploding low-B. 
  • 6-String: More range means being able to play lower-pitched notes and/or higher pitched notes. 

Similar instruments

The difference with a Bassoguitar is this was an upright instrument, too big to play in a transverse position. So you can say that the Acoustic Bass Guitar is lighter and is a portable-friendly Bassoguitar.

There’s also the Guitarrón that is a very large, deep-bodied Mexican 6-string acoustic bass guitar played in Mariachi bands. Similarly, the bajo sexto, with six pairs of strings.5


Woods like Mahogany, Maple, Ovangkol with the strings made of bronze. Material has no effect on sound but it does on price and durability6.


4-String 35 x 13 x 4 In (89 x 33 x 10 Cm)48 x 18 x 7 In (122 x 45 x 18 Cm)
5-String20 x 16 x 5 In (51 x 40 x 13 Cm)51 x 17 x 6 In (130 x 43 x 15 Cm)
6-String18 x 14 x 4 In (45 x 36 x 10 Cm)42 x 17 x 5 In (107 x 43 x 13 Cm)


4-String9.53 Lbs (4.32 Kg)11 Lbs (4.98 Kg)
5-String12.7 Lbs (5.76 Kg)18.8 Lbs (8.52 Kg)
6-String7.71 Lbs (3.5 Kg)12.17 Lbs (5.52 Kg)

What do a bass guitar and a lawsuit have in common?  Everyone is relieved when the case is closed.


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