What is it?

It’s an Austrian instrument designed in 2004 by Bert Schiettecatte. 

It’s an instrument from the electronic family/category that makes its sound with electric circuitry that goes to a speaker and makes it.

Pronounced ˈɔːdɪˌəʊkjuːbz, from the English meaning “cubes that produce sounds” and called audiocubos in Spanish and Portuguese and audiocubes in French. A person that plays it’s just called an audiocube player.

Types /  Variants

Percussa Audiocube electronic music instrument
Audiocube portable (Speakers)

The types are determined by Usage:

Best Audiocubes

For beginners

We suggest a Percussa since it is the most common variant and basically because if you accidentally buy the speaker variant thinking it was the instrument, you’ll waste your money. We recommend only getting 1 when you start.

For Professionals

A Percussa as well, but this time multiple ones, because they can sense each other. Now that you know how to use one, you can take the instrument to the next level, by assigning more than the 4 faces a single cube can do.

For disabled

This instrument, in particular, is very flexible since you only need to get close to one of the faces of the instrument, it can be played with only 1 hand, and the cube can be placed in the perfect place for a person to play it without having to move a lot, that’s because of the small size of the instrument and the fact that it’s connected only by a cable, so in theory, it should be possible to play it with the feet or a prosthetic limb no problem.

Now that you know, you can check on eBay here.

You can also replicate the sound using a synthesizer, using a plugin, or Vst, so you may need some of these


VariantLowest priceHighest price
Percussa$140 USD$230 USD
Audiocube portable (Speakers)$36 USD$83 USD


  1. Percussa Audiocubes
  2. Svetila Allocacoc AudioCube Portable Wood Edition
  3. Audiocubes – Wikipedia

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