Best brands for keyboard instruments

When you go buy a keyboard instrument there are a lot of brands to choose from, at first glance they are selling the same instrument, but when you look at the details the differences become obvious and the best choice appears. 

In this article we’ll be going through a lot of brands websites to compare them in the next aspects:

  • Variety: How many different brass instruments they have.
  • User Experience: Is the page fast, clean, and intuitive?
  • Shipping: Do they have delivery or do I have to go to a physical store?
  • Customer service: Do they have a guarantee, how’s the customer service, what’s the company reputation, etc.

Notes: This post is made in 2020 and things change fast on the internet, so keep that in mind. The data shown here would be based on our experienceWe are not getting paid by any of these brands.


Yamaha is the most famous music brand in the world, so you may have heard of them simply by being around musical instruments.

When you search for them don’t forget that they have a complete division called Yamaha motor for bikes and golf cars, so type Yamaha music instead. Once you enter you will find a ton of categories, for synthesizers, professional audio gear, apps, and instruments, and in the instruments, they have all categories, strings, keyboards, brass, woodwind, and percussion. 

As far as I could find, you can’t make direct purchases of instruments on the webpage, instead of after selecting the instrument you will be directed to a dealer locator where you put your location to find if anyone is selling around you, physical places, so you may need to call them or go there. 

What they sell on their webpage are accessories, and sound systems, which have free shipping, 30-day returns, and secure checkout. 

In terms of customer support, they have a FAQ section (Frequently ask questions) and you can contact them using Twitter, Facebook, email, or phone, this last one at certain hours. 

Of course, none of this matters if you want to buy an instrument, for that you will need to go to another kind of shop, like Amazon or eBay to get it, a place where the guarantee, free shipping, and customer service will be different since Yamaha works like a provider instead of a shop.


Bosendorfer is an Austrian brand focused on pianos (not the rest of the keyboard family). When you enter the website you will find everything from news, history, videos, and articles from their products, that will emphasize the high end and expert craftsmanship.

You cannot buy on the website, instead, you will be directed to a dealer locator that will give you the direction and website of the shop that can sell you the pianos.

*Bpsendorfer dealer locator

In terms of service they have a Service Center with the services of tuning, renting for events, assessing the value of old instruments, and getting spare parts, you need to request them by mail, so they can see if they can help you or not and at what cost.

So if you want to get a High-end piano, with the service center being able to help you keep it like new for more than a generation and you live near a dealer, this is the brand for you.


Fazioli is an Italian company that also focuses only on pianos (not keyboards), it has regular pianos and a good amount of special edition ones because their focus is on innovation.

When you enter their website you will find a list of the instruments they sell, but you cannot buy directly, instead, you need to fill a contact form, to ask for the price, availability, and details guarantee.

This brand feels like a mystery since they appear to hide information for you until you give them yours. If you want a piano that stands out from the rest and doesn’t mind giving some information and sending a couple of emails this is the brand for you.


Roland makes keyboards, organs, synthesizers, and pianos, they have a very diverse catalog of instruments and that’s the first thing you will see when you enter their website.

Like the other brand companies, you cannot make purchases directly on the website, they have a dealer locator and this one seems to have an almost worldwide reach.

Roland doesn’t pride itself in his high-end materials or craftsmanship but in its options. They have guarantees for different product types (image below), but you have to send the instrument to the US or get it to an authorized center.

They also have a knowledge base that works like a Q&A for every instrument and an authorized center locator in case you’re not in the US.

If you want a very specific instrument and don’t care too much about premium features, this is the brand for you.


Hohner is an Accordion and melodica manufacturer, they have both diatonic and chromatic accordions, that’s why they are part of the keyboard family.

Hohner has a slightly different approach with his instruments, for example, they have a 2-year guarantee for any instrument and focus more on education after you buy because they have a full education section for it.

You cannot buy on the website, you have to go to a dealer locator that is not worldwide, you need to check country by country and product by product so it may take time. 

If you are looking for an accordion or melodica you can check if Hohner has availability for you and even if they don’t I will personally check them out just for the education section.


We prefer buying online, without doing a lot of steps and having to speak to anyone. We also expect a warranty, shipping to most countries, and safe payments, but sadly you can’t do that on many of these websites, with emphasis on many, so I hope you have learned about some brands and may found one that suits you.

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